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The Wisdom of Confucius - Now Available in an API

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I make a lot of silly things while learning new technology. In this case I have tapped into the almighty power of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher from 2500 years ago credited for writing or editing many Chinese classic texts. Growing up as an American child, I associated Confucius with proverbs, and I associated proverbs with that classic after-Chinese-dinner dessert the fortune cookie.

Fortune cookies are a pure delight: a message in a bottle from the restaurant’s proprietors for you to enjoy as you kindly vacate the facility.

Most fortune cookies that I’ve opened recently have three parts: a fortune (generally a proverb), a lesson in simplified Chinese, and a lottery number. So many secrets wrapped up in such a small, golden treasure.

Ever left a Chinese restaurant, gotten in your car, and felt the need to break something only to realize you left your precious fortune cookie on the table? I have built a solution.

The Fortune Cookie API is a simple, RESTful API built to generate fortune cookie data. The root URL shows documentation built using

How does it work? I need fortunes now!

There are options. You can get fortunes from the /v1/fortunes endpoint, lessons from the /v1/lessons endpoint, and lottery numbers from the /v1/lottos endpoint. By default you get 100 of any model, but all endpoints include a limit (max 1000), skip, and page parameter to facilitate getting all the lessons and fortunes. For lottery numbers, we approximately build Powerball numbers except we currently ignore the rule for red balls, which means there are something ike 42 billion different possibilities. Due to the high number of potential lottery numbers, the lottos endpoint also includes a firstId parameter that lets you start from anywhere.

But there’s no need to get the individual models (unless you’re into that kind of thing)! I also created a /v1/cookie endpoint to retrieve a random fortune, lesson, and lottery number as a single object. Woohoo! You can specify the number of cookies (max 100) with the limit parameter.


  "fortune": {
    "id": "53ffcf1d4ea4f76d1b8f223e",
    "message": "This fortune intentionally left blank"
  "lotto": {
    "id": "001000200030004000500006",
    "numbers": [10,20,30,40,50,6]
  "lesson": {
    "id": "53ffcf1d4ea4f76d1b8f2241",
    "chinese": "因特网",
    "pronunciation": "yintewang",
    "english": "internet"

Now you can fill that hole in your heart where the fortune cookies are missing. If you’re interested in the code, you can check it out on Github.

UPDATE: I’ve registered the domain for the love of fortune cookies. Enjoy.