Larry Price

And The Endless Cup Of Coffee


Ollert -,

Description:Ollert is a Trello analytics tool. Uses the Trello API to build charts and information about Trello boards.

Libertine -

Description:A set of libraries, interfaces, and utilities to run apps using X11 in a Mir environment on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch.

fortune-cookie-api -

Description:RESTful API for getting data to construct fortune cookies. Built with NodeJS and Mongoose. API designed using
Time Spent in Development:Aug 2014 - Oct 2014

mongoose-simple-random -

Description:Simple and easy-to-use NodeJS Mongoose Schema plugin to pull random documents
Time Spent in Development:Sep 2014
To Download: npm install mongoose-simple-random

Health2Wealth - Closed

Description:Health2Wealth is a system designed to allow companies to monitor activity tracker usage and distribute rewards based on goals.

openid-store-mongoid -

Description:OpenID Store using Mongoid. Used to store Association and Nonce data in a Mongoid database.
Time Spent in Development: Feb 2013
To Download: gem install openid-store-mongoid

Pokephile -

Description: Pokephile is a web application to search a database of Pokemon to view some basic information about each monster. This app was created primarily to familiarize myself with schemaless databases using Mongo, unit testing with RSpec, and integration testing with Capybara and Cucumber.
Time Spent in Development: Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

Capital Punishment -

Description: Capital Punishment is a pain-free way to memorize states and capitals. Pick your poison from the side bar, and then match the given state to its capital and answer the next question. If you can't get the hang of a question, just move on and try again later. You'll be shocked at how well you know your states and capitals when you're done playing. Click the center button to inject a twist into your game by getting a capital and then answering with the state!
Time Spent in Development: Sep 2012 - Oct 2012